Testing for COVID-19 Symptoms

Testing for COVID-19 Symptoms

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The current time is very crucial for the whole world. COVID-19 has made life difficult throughout the world. People can’t travel, can’t go to work, schools are closed, social gatherings are prohibited. In short, life is not what it was a few months back. But in these in difficult times being aware and safe is the only shield you can use against Corona Virus.

There is a lot of talk about exact symptoms for COVID-19. Since testing everyone is impractical, so identifying the suspected ones through symptoms is very important. You should be cautious and if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned on the WHO website.

Why are Pulse Oximeter and infrared thermometer being important for COVID-19?

The most common symptoms include fever, chest congestion, and cough. You must have seen a device being held to the forehead for testing if the person is feverish. If yes then further tests are done. If the result is negative then no threat of Coronavirus is present. It is a very affordable and accessible way to screen suspected patients from healthy ones.

The New York Times mentioned in a recent article that oximeter can detect a fatal condition called the silent hypoxia. Corona patients have difficulty breathing because of the critically low levels of oxygen in their blood. This research made the pulse oximeter a hot item to have. Using it people can check their oxygen levels at their homes and contact the hospitals in case of emergency. People suffering from cardiovascular conditions are at risk more than others. Cardiovascular conditions involve your respiratory system and heart. The Virus damages both the lungs and the heart. If you have alarmingly low levels of oxygen without a reason, then you might need help.

How are the Infrared thermometer and Pulse Oximeter used? 

The best thing about the infrared thermometer that you don’t have to touch the patient’s forehead. Just point at the forehead from a certain distance and you will get the reading. The reading might not be exactly accurate but it is pretty close to the actual temperature. It generally gives you the idea of whether a person has a fever or not.

The Pulse oximeter is a small device that you can wear on your index finger. The device will read your pulse rate and the oxygen levels in mere seconds. It is a very handy and useful device to monitor oxygen levels. It is not just useful in the case of Corona but is also important for lung disease and cardiovascular disease patients.

These devices are an inexpensive and accessible way to monitor your symptoms to be sure you don’t have any threat of COVID-19. The A2Z medical supply provides these devices commercially and for individual use in Coral Spring, Florida.

Testing for Corona:

In these crucial times when an uncontrolled pandemic is at our door. We should do everything in power to safeguard our and loved ones’ health. Taking small precautions can help in the longer run. Being vigilant to check your fever and oxygen levels regularly can be useful in getting timely help. Afterall “a stitch in time saves nine”.